Team Zauren SouthEast Asia Trip


Good for you, good for me

Jun. 30th, 2010

A common phrase here when buying something or a service such as a tuk tuk ride is, “good for you, good for me”. This is to insinuate that the price, while not fair by Thai standards, is fair for us westerners. While the double charge doesn’t dent our wallets to much, we believe it also leads to other scandals which aren’t so innocent. One such is the well known gem scandal, where a driver takes you to his friend’s store where they offer you rare and expensive stones and gems for cheap. Unfortunetly you are really just buying colored glass that is worth nothing. So while you weren’t strong armed out of your money, you where still cheated in ways. We feel that paying an inflated price isn’t necessarily bad, or a deal breaker, bartering and showing that we aren’t just gullible and ill-informed westerners is a good thing, for them and us.


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