Team Zauren SouthEast Asia Trip


Floating Village

Aug. 9th, 2010

One day while in Siem Reap we ventured to a floating village outside of town. The floating village was founded because where one has to pay to live on land in both buying property and the taxes associated, it is free to live on the water. So the poorest of the poor congregated to one area on the river to build their own community. We arrived at a dock where we rented a boat to take us into “town.” The boat hand, who helped the driver, was a young teenager who has lived in the floating village his entire life. While talking Lauren mentioned she was a teacher. The young boy started to talk about education in the village and asked if we would like to visit his school and maybe donate some supplies. This was encouraging because he touched on why it is better to donate materials then it is to give a child a dollar on the street. If you donate materials you give the child a higher probability of learning. If you buy a handicraft for a dollar, you are encouraging the child to work instead of going to school. Visiting the school was a unique way to engage and interact with local youth. The children were playful and affectionate. They all wanted us to pick them up or give them hugs. It was surreal. The children had nothing, but were so happy. We then ventured to the edge of town that opened to a vast lake where it started to pour. We stopped off at a restaurant where we watched the rain and saw a crocodile farm. Zach also got to hold a snake. It was really funny because the little girls in the photos were fighting to be in a picture alone with him. Lauren was finally able to take a photo with the three of them. This was a fantastic experience. Enjoy the photos!


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