Team Zauren SouthEast Asia Trip


Capitalism and Buddism

Jul. 9th, 2010

Who says capitalism and buddism don’t mix? Apparently the Thai government requires a permit for every image of Buddah that is taken out of the country. Meening you need to pay money, and not necessarily a trivial fee either, to ship statues, painting…anything with his likeness on it. Not a bad revenue building scheme considering his popularity around the world.

No complaints here though. We have been having a blast in Chiang Mai. We were elephant owners for the day (pictures coming soon), rode mopeds out of town for the day and have been eating some great food. Later today we are heading up to Pai in northern Thailand for a long weekend with the two english fellows we met in Bangkok at the Muay Thai match.

Sending you our love,
Zach and Lauren


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